Picsell.ia v1.2 Release

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What’s new on Picsell.ia ?

We are really excited to share with you the new version of Picsell.ia Deep Learning Platform.

During the past months, we’ve been working really to build a product that will fit your needs as a Computer Vision & Deep Learning engineers.

The first version of the platform was good to showcase what we could bring to you, but now it’s time to show you how the v1.2 of the platform will truly empower your AI works.

A brand new UI

First, let’s talk about the brand new UI, we have abandoned the green
excel atmosphere to switch to something lighter, clearer, and faster.

Take full control of your Training Sets

Dataset Monitoring

Identifying the progress and the risk zones of your annotation project can be quite complicated,

Quickly find the outliers of your Dataset thanks to Picsell.ia and review it easily.

SPOILER: In v1.3 we’ll release a more advanced Outliers identification based on Active Learning.

Before doing any training, make sure that your Dataset is as much balanced as possible and that you don’t have a lot of outliers in order to guarantee further optimal results.

Compare your training sets for every experiment

To understand your training performances, always take a look at your training and test sets

With Picsell.ia v1.2, simply compare your training sets with or simple Compare feature.

Manage and compare all your experiments

AI projects are often test & learn driven. But what’s the point of running multiple architectures if you can not identify quickly wich was the best one ?

With Picsell.ia you can compare all you metrics and extract the best experiments for given parameters in a really simple and efficient way, a good all table.

Isolate the more relevant experiment to share with your team and start optimizing this configuration.

A brand new playground

Our playground was something you really liked at the launch of Picsell.ia Platform, but unfortunately, it was nos robust enough.

You also had no way to choose to test your model on your Train or Test sets, but don’t worry, now you can!

Integrate Picsell.ia in your worflow

We have opened all our API so you can integrate Picsell.ia in your workflow seamlessly and use the Platform at its full potential.

Remotely manage your collaborators, projects, data input, and experiments.

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