Empower your AI teams with the right tools and ensure 100% of productivity

80% of the time of your datascientist is wasted on:

Pilot & Capitalize

Visualize and access prior work done by your team. Capitalize on it to speed up your development.

Version & Monitor

Keep track on all experiments and guarantee reproducibility.

Report & Visualize

Gather all your relevant insights instantly for your business case. Generate beautiful dashboard to impress your clients.

Picsell.ia on cloud

Manage your projects, we take care of the hosting.
Our servers are based in the European Union 🇪🇺 with the highest security standards.

Picsell.ia on premise

You don’t want to upload your projects on the Cloud?
All our software are available On-Premises with a technical documentation to help you during the installation.

Dedicated support portal

Support 24/5

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