Built for Data Scientists.

Picsell.ia is a development platform dedicated to Computer Vision. From open-source to business, you can create and review datasets, track your experiments and follow your project in a Lean AI mode.


Search and contribute to Open Source with more than 100 of public datasets and models.


Iterate 10x faster on the creation of your models.


Streamline your processes to boost the time-to-production of your projects.

Build your training data, experiment faster, run your models with your team in the same environment and get ready for production.

We are fully compatible with your existing stack

We are where your data is

Don’t have storage?

Store your data on the EU based Picsell.ia cloud.

Have your own cloud?

Just give us access to the data you choose, it will stay there.

Need more?

Install Picsell.ia on premise and benefit from the most secure version of our platform.

Frequently Asked

Yes you can, all the features of Picsell.ia can be used for free as long as your are working on public projects.

Hopefully, you won't have ! But be sure that all the work done on Picsell.ia is fully exportable to any other platform.

Yes it is, we have already done all the heavy lifting for you.

Please use our documentation and let us guide you along your AI journey.

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